Closing date: Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Short Term Consultancy PEFA Secretariat to Support the Quality Assurance of PEFA Assessment Reports

Start Date: March 27, 2023

Express Interest By: 3/15/2023

Duration: 50

Topics: Not Available

Business Function: Not Available

Skills: Not Available

Language Skills: English

Assignment Location: United States

Institution: IBRD

VPU: VP, EFI Practice Group (GGEVP)

Contact Person: Nene Mane (

Task Description: The objective of the consultancy is to assist the PEFA Secretariat in the quality assurance review of PEFA assessment reports. The consultant will supplement the PEFA Secretariat team in undertaking quality reviews of PEFA assessment reports. These reports may use PEFA 2016 for central governments, the revised Guidance for subnational governments, the supplementary PEFA Gender and Climate Frameworks, and the service delivery module.

The Consultant’s tasks will include: 1. In a team led by a lead reviewer from the PEFA Secretariat, review of PEFA-assessment reports, current and proposed methodology, as part of the report quality review services offered by the Secretariat: a. using a standard format prepared by the PEFA Secretariat; b. contributing to the reconciliation of reviews findings/comments with the lead reviewer; c. supporting the lead reviewer in drafting their comments, as needed;

The reviews will be assigned by the Head of the PEFA Secretariat on a case-by-case basis. They are usually to be completed and reconciled within 9 working days from the assignment.

2. As directed by the Head of the PEFA Secretariat, undertake other tasks related to PEFA reports (including review of past published reports for identifying trends/messages, supporting PEFA training/webinar events etc).