Closing date: Thursday, June 22, 2023

WFP celebrates and embraces diversity. It undertakes to respect the principle of equal employment opportunities for all its employees and encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of race, color, national origin, ethnic or social origin, genetic information, sex, identity and / or gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, HIV status or disability.


The World Food Program ( PAM ) is the largest humanitarian agency that fights hunger and malnutrition in the world. WFP works for a world where every man, woman and child has permanent access to enough food to lead a healthy and active life.


The position is to be filled at Amboasary office, attached to Ambovombe’s sub-office.

The holder must demonstrate responsibility and initiative to answer questions and problems independently when he / she has only general guidelines. He / she must exercise judgment in managing the unforeseen events on a daily basis. The holder has the know-how and knowledge to adapt systems and procedures or to contribute to their development to constantly improve the level of support provided. He / She can supervise teams, but his job is generally to give technical advice, provide support and coordinate the work of other staff members.


Coordinate shipping activities, execute administrative decisions and provide technical advice, to assist WFP in carrying out effective and efficient transport operations.

MAIN FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ( indicative and non-exhaustive list ):

  •  Carry out various coordination assistance, administrative support and technical assistance activities within the framework of shipping projects and activities, following standard procedures and contributing to the execution of effective operations.
  •  Monitor the loading and unloading of goods and control budgets, purchase orders and related invoices / regulations, ensuring that internal systems are updated regularly and that appropriate procedures and processes are followed, to help plan and execute routes and make final freight payments.
  •  Perform research, collect data and conduct analyzes, in order to establish reports ( institutional reports, internal performance reviews, supplier reviews, etc.) which help Expedition Officers to make informed decisions and ensure consistency of the information presented to stakeholders.
  •  Manage and continue to develop databases and files, and ensure that the relevant information ( concerning contracts, shipments, payments, supply chain, etc. ) is correct, structured and accessible, and facilitate compliance with reporting requirements.
  •  Actively contribute to the conduct of risk mitigation activities, by verifying data and documents on shipments, by detecting and solving problems or by communicating them to an Expedition Officer.
  •  Address problems relating to transport operations, by showing initiative, by liaising with all parties concerned and by following standard procedures, to find effective solutions in a timely manner.
  •  Facilitate negotiations on maritime transport arrangements with ship owners and container transport companies by collecting the necessary documents.
  •  Liaise with colleagues to ensure that shipping activities are part of larger programs and put in place efficient and harmonized procurement arrangements.
  •  Get involved and make suggestions to support the review of procedures and the improvement of shipping methods and practices, in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.
  •  Supervise or review the work of less experienced staff members and provide practical advice and guidance to help achieve the objectives in accordance with agreed standards and deadlines.
  •  Apply standard emergency preparedness practices to help WFP respond quickly, to transport food products and deploy the necessary resources to the affected areas from the start of the crises.



Description of expected driving at the required fitness level

Description of expected driving at the required fitness level

Is able to carefully assess existing activities in the supply chain and raise problems to the next level if necessary or to contact other services related to supply chain, to ensure that WFP is able to provide consistent and uninterrupted services to country offices and thereby contribute to effective upstream coordination.

Planning, project management and resource management

Collection of relevant technical data from various sources and analyzes them to forecast operational needs by considering different scenarios and make proposals based on factual data.

Information management and reporting

Liaises with internal and external stakeholders to synthesize preliminary data analyzes, write reports and disseminate information that matches concerns and trends.

Transport market analysis, contract management and operational execution

Uses market studies and analyzes to negotiate and conclude large contractual agreements with third parties; manages the implementation with commercial players in order to mitigate the risks, optimize results, ensure close coordination with other actors in the supply chain and achieve the objectives set.

Performance evaluation and quality control of shipments

Develop standards and enforce them in its region / within the framework of the transport modality used, so as to ensure that all transport operations are carried out in accordance with the required quality standards and to minimize losses.

Specialized technical knowledge in the field of expeditions

Is able to encourage the use of expedition tracking systems to promote efficiency gains, minimize losses and ensure timely delivery of products to WFP beneficiary regions.


Training: Completion of secondary studies. Certificate of post-secondary studies in the functional area considered

Experiences : At least 6 years of functional experience

Language skills : Master of French. Knowledge of English.


  •  Experience in monitoring performance and analyzing data relating to contracts, shipments, payments, supply chains, claims and food stocks, including data from trend analyzes.
  •  Experience in monitoring budgets and preparing related reports.
  •  Experience in preparing contractual documents.
  •  Experience in supervising and examining the work of staff members of lower grades.
  •  Being or having a good knowledge of the area would be an asset.


  • Type of contract : Fixed Term
  • Grade : G6
  • Duration : 01 year renewable
  • Unit : Supply Chain
  • Place of employment : Amboasary, Madagascar
  •  Applications will only be received online
  •  Only candidates ( e ) s preselected ( e ) s will be invited ( e ) s to the tests.

A roster of qualified candidates could be set up following this process to fill possible positions of the same profile.


Deadline: June 23, 2023

WFP applies a zero tolerance approach to behaviors such as fraud, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of power and discrimination. All selected applicants must comply with WFP standards of conduct and will therefore be subject to rigorous background verification internally or through third parties. Selected applicants will also need to provide additional information as part of the verification exercise. A false declaration of the information provided during the recruitment process may lead to disqualification or dismissal.


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