Review: Vacay Hair: seven styles for sand and sun

You’ve finally mapped your flights and your hotel, your itinerary is solid and the crew is ready. The outfits are chosen, the budgets are solid and you are good to go.

Except you don’t know what to do with your hair.

If washing doesn’t work for your texture and blowing, twisting, knotting, wrapping, pinning, etc. doesn’t exactly look like a vacation, here are some simple, relaxed, and natural tropical vacation hairstyles for you to consider. give more time to what you’re there – nothing. Because having to stop your beach marathon to “do your hair” isn’t what you paid for. All you need are the right tools, the right products, and a little preparation ahead of time.

1. Throw it away and scarf it (pictured above)
Besides a great conditioner, a good collection of scarves really is your hair’s best friend in summer. Just throw it in a bun or loose pony or in your flowing hair and wrap it around the scarf of your choice. And then go have fun.
Check out this video from The Chic Natural about good technique and Aliphilly1 has a good video if you want the scarf look but are doing braids or twists.

image: Natural Sun + UnRuly

2. Top knot / Bun
This style works for all hair types, even braids and it’s a snap to make one you’ve mastered. The big bun season is here, don’t deny it. Watch these videos to learn how to master your own, whether you are twisted / braided, straight or curly.

image: Pinterest / Brit Craig + Kwesi Abbsensetts

3. Crown braid
It’s a proven style “I have 10 minutes to figure out my hair, our friends are totally leaving me for dinner”. It’s simple, chic, and works if you don’t have time to completely dry your hair. Try it out for yourself with this video from Carib Beauty.

image: Pinterest / Ausettua Straughn

4. Slick Bun side part
It’s no wonder that this style appears on every track every season. It’s perfect. It’s quick and easy. Bold makeup, scarves, trendy earrings, the next step is fun because this style only takes a few minutes. No tutorial needed, just a stiff brush, straightening gel, a rat tail comb and a scarf to lay it down are all you need.

6. Marley / Havana Twists
I rocked a set of Marley Twists at last year’s Food Wine Rum festival in Barbados and they were a lifesaver because I was really too busy to worry about my hair. Depending on the texture and length of your hair, you will need to vary the size of the braid but it is chunky, soft, and doesn’t weigh a ton.

Connect with your nearest braiding salon or get Netflix ready and do them yourself.

image: Simply Cyn


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