Review: The six best hair products for your travel bag


In Madrid, it was a deep conditioner for dry air. In Rio de Janeiro? Gel Prostyle (aka black) for a quick comeback after the beach. And I pretty much played myself in Grand Cayman when I wanted hair oil to combat the humidity.
After visiting country after country, I learned that the packaging for your beauty products is the same as the packaging for your wardrobe. Always have the basics that will accompany you anywhere and anytime. Even though I might forget my favorite brush, flat iron, or special hair tool / product, these are the following six products and tools that allow me to rock my natural curly, blown straight, and straight hair while on vacation no matter what. the style, the weather and the occasion:

1. A silk scarf (y)
Perfect for: Dress up a messy / quick topknot, create a cute headband, and add instant chic to any style.
We like: The Fauna Roll scarf, $ 9.99 @ ModCloth

2. Moisturizer
Perfect for: Light daily hydration between using the conditioner, taming frizz and defining curls.
We love: Mizani Coconut Light Moisturizing Hairstyle, $ 21 @ Ulta

3. Deep conditioner
Perfect for: Dry heat, hard water, and chlorine / pool effects on hair.
We Like: Pantene Truly Natural Deep Conditioner, $ 4 at Amazon

4. Hairpins
Perfect for: All. Up-dos, ponytails, curls and more. And the one time you think you don’t need it… you need it. Pack them up, always.
We like: Sally for every type of hairpin imaginable.

5. Protein styling gel
Perfect for: Chic and elegant styles and control of stray animals that must lie down. Use in moderation, a little goes a long way.
We love: Ampro ProStyle Gel, $ 4 at Amazon.

6. Argan hair oil
Perfect for: Fights moisture, speeds up drying and shines without being too greasy or too heavy.
We like: Moroccanoil Treatment, $ 43

What products can you not live without when you are on the road? Share the love (and style) in the comments below!

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