Review: The 17 things we can’t travel without in 2018!

It is the day of the trip. You’ve been through security (pre-check, right?) And just when you think you have some time to breathe and slow down, it hits you. You haven’t packed your headphones. Or your moisturizer. Or your blanket. Damn.

Sure, a lot of things can be bought when you get to your destination, or at super inflated prices at an airport, but when you plan to be in the air for more than a few hours, there are some things no one wants to steal. without, and some just can’t be found in your Hudson News type airport store for 3 times their value. In the spirit of making 2018 your best travel year yet, here’s a look at what travel enthusiasts like you simply can’t miss, from our readers and direct subscribers!

@noladarlingvintage: “The facial spray with Evian mineral water and my airplane socks. The plane gets cold and dry even on short flights. I have to stay ready! “
@justesunshine: “I can’t live without fluffy socks, a sweater, petroleum jelly and gum for long-haul flights! Comfort and humidity are essential! “

To keep the skin moist for 2 to 24 hours….

Embryolisse Concentrated Cream | Size 1 oz | $ 14.99
Karuna Moisturizing Serum + Hand Mask | $ 9.00 | Simply the best, and don’t be afraid to use it in flight!
Face with Evian Natural Mineral Water | 1.7 oz size | $ 15.00 for two
Cosemedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Size 2oz | $ 14.49 | Use as directed with your favorite moisturizer.

To keep your toes warm, comfortable and your legs stimulated …

Fuzzy Microfiber Socks | 3 pairs for $ 9.49
Striped cotton compression socks | $ 18.75
MukLuks wool socks | $ 34.00

@_lifeunrefined: “My headphones and a blanket. The plane ride is impossible without them.
@bklynblkorchid: “My blanket and wireless headphones. Planes are always cold and thank God for the sound reducing headphones that block out the inevitable screams of children.

To hear only what you want on a flight….

Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones | $ 118
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint Active Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones | $ 39.99
Sennheiser HD1 wireless on-ear headphones with active noise cancellation | $ 199.95

For a little first-class comfort everywhere …

Pembrook Fleece Travel Blanket with Handle | $ 13.95
Lewis N. Clark Travel Comfort Package | $ 19.99

@surelyfab: “Kiehls Lip Balm”
@Refraction_blog: “Carmex lip balm! Chapped flying lips are not a thing.
@Wanderlesta: “My phone or my disinfectant!” Or my lip balm !! “

To keep your lips moist and your hands clean …

Carmex lip balm | $ 7.38 for four
Laneige Lip Sleep Mask | $ 19.00
Rosebud Salve Tin | $ 7.40
Wet Ones Hand & Face Wipes | $ 12.88 for a pack of 5
Kiehl’s # 1 Lip Balm | $ 7.00

What are your travel essentials? Share the love and information in the comments. Travel well, #TravelFly!

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