Review: 10 travel-inspired beauty discoveries to escape the cold

His. Cold. For East Coasters and Midwesterners, there is no getting around this. Cold. Global warming fooled us with temperatures approaching 70 degrees during the holidays, but Mother Nature has slowly but surely brought us back to reality after recently experiencing winter storm Jonas here on the east coast.

While a sunny sabbatical in Cabo San Lucas seems ideal, an impromptu leave is not always easy on the pockets. Can’t escape? These 10 luxury beauty items evoke island life:

Dream getaway – Havana, Cuba
Product – Tom Ford Private Blend Eau de Parfum “Tobacco Vanilla”
Notes like ginger, clove, tonka beans and tobacco flower will make you feel like you are smoking an authentic habanos Romeo y Julieta cigar in the busy streets of Havana, less steam from the diesel engine.

Dream Getaway – South Beach, Miami
Product – Baiser Beauty Healing Travel Set
Transform your bathroom into a serene spa. Put on your Sade playlist, deeply condition your hair, and take the time to use all organic products (made in Miami) while you relax and dream of Art Deco buildings and clear blue waters.

Dream getaway – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Product – nyl Shimmer Scrub, organic
This shimmering body scrub with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and grape seed the oil will give you that J. Lo sunless glow.

Dream getaway – Moorea Tahiti, French Polynesia
Product – Flynn & King Replenish-All-Over Dry Oil with Kukui Nuts and Argan Oil
The kukui nut originates from Hawaii and was used by the early Polynesians for centuries to treat ailments of dry skin.

Dream Getaway – Negril, Jamaica
Product – Rosemira Sweet Coconut Body Butter
White sand, blue seas, palm trees and Bob Marley playing in the background – this coconut body butter can get you there. Shown: The Tensing Pen Resort.

Dream getaway – Martinique
Product –
Cecilia Wong Skincare Rose Toner
You may not be able to smell the Martinique porcelain rose, a rare and colorful flower found almost anywhere on the island, but this unique ‘spray serum’ is infused with Bulgarian and French rose petals to soothe dry, scaly skin.

Dream getaway – Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Product –
Yes Shave Charlotte Razor Set – Neroli
Get a head start on smooth legs for spring with a deluxe double-edged razor specially designed for women. Essential oils protect legs for a quick shave before lounging by the pool, or before the Netflix frenzy.

Dream getaway – Lomaiviti Islands, Fiji
Product – Wakaya Perfection Pink Fijian Ginger Soak
Fijian pink ginger is only grown on the rich, pristine soil of Wakaya Island. While Wakaya is a long way from the oceans, a little splurge and your nearest tub can transport you there as ginger’s healing powers ease fatigue.

Dream getaway – Saint Kitts and Nevis
Product – Cocovit Coconut Charcoal Face Mask
Cocovit activated charcoal mask includes turmeric, neem powder and Indian ginseng and the West Indies is an ideal destination for lovers of Ayurvedic properties.

Dream getaway – Saint Lucia
Product – Lea Journo Hydra-Riche Hydrating Conditioner
A conditioner that combines French plum oil, white grape seed extract and sweetness Almond oil is as diverse a blend as the culture of Saint Lucia. Shown: The Ladera Resort.

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