Review: Love Hotel: The Old Rhinebeck Inn

There is a certain charm to Northern New York’s Dutchess County in the springtime and it is encapsulated in The Old Rhinebeck Inn. Tucked away on a country road in Rhinebeck, NY, and lined with horses, sheep, a pond, and neighbors making waves as they pass, this bed and breakfast is a quiet respite from the noisy hustle and bustle of New York.

Originally built in 1738, the inn began as a home to the farming family of Johann Michael Pultz. He and his wife had 10 children and built the house room by room as they grew older. Today friends Jonna Paolella and Cindy Curnan runs The Rhinebeck Inn together. In the shadow of its history, the space is cozy as you walk from the entrance to the living room, which is filled with plush seating, a fireplace, piano, and books on the Roosevelt family – the FDR Presidential Library, Hyde Park and the Eleanor Val-Kill’s house are just a short drive away.

Just beyond the seating area is the inviting dining room and a sunken kitchen where Jonna and her husband Dave made a delicious breakfast each morning with herbs and vegetables fresh from their garden and left a juice of fresh fruit for new customers. When Shannon and I arrived on a rainy Friday afternoon for our weekend, she served us a crisp homemade citrus spritzer. After dinner at the Terrapin restaurant in town, she showed us the tea, coffee and hot chocolate table just outside our room, just in time for a bedtime cup or a sip in the middle of the night . I had the maple apple cider tea, which now that I’m home I’m trying to order more from Amazon. It’s adorable.

For Saturday’s breakfast, Jonna served hot scones, chilled Swiss Alpine oatmeal topped with fresh fruit, a baked pear and raspberry pancake, and sides of sausage and roasted sweet potatoes. The meal was interspersed with good conversation from our fellow Inn customers as we all ate together. Jonna popped her head to share a story from time to time, one about how co-owner Cindy was related to people who worked for Eleanor Roosevelt and lived in Val-Kill with the late First Lady.

In our room called the Ryefield Suite, we had two beds, one king and one single, both of which must be some of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever snored on. I lay down and passed out like a light. The bedrooms were warm and fully stocked with extra quilted blankets in case we got cold in the unnaturally cool springtime. For starters, a cozy fleece-lined robe waited in the closet to wrap around me while I watched Netflix on our bedroom TV. I did this while Shannon spent her morning jog in front of those aforementioned horses and sheep and she found plenty of room to stretch on the floor once she was done. Overall, while the suite was perfect for our girlfriend’s weekend, we also saw how a couple who bring a teenager plus one or want more space would love it.

Finally, if you are looking for accommodation in Dutchess County, The old Rhinebeck Inn is a great choice if you want to check in somewhere where you are well taken care of and feel like home away from home compared to a more impersonal hotel. I have a feeling that if I stayed there often, Jonna would have a stash of everything she noticed I loved – that maple cider tea, honestly – that was waiting for me when I arrived. She is caring like that.

Advantages and disadvantages:
The inconvenients:

  • The Rhinebeck Inn is not in the city, so you will need to rent a car or uber to reach it and the main tourist destinations in the region.
  • Depending on the room, prices range from $ 275 to $ 350 per night, which can be a little more than an airbnb in the area.


  • Location may not be in the city but it’s a short drive to most of the major tourist destinations. If you rent a car, you can get around very well.
  • The comfort of the Rhinebeck Inn makes it an ideal getaway if you literally want nothing more than to unwind in peace. But there is solid wifi if you don’t want to go completely offline and show off on Instagram. There are plenty of them on Instagram, lol.
  • As there are only four suites, it is virtually impossible for the hostel to feel too crowded so there is always room to relax by the pond or relax and read how Eleanor is was badass in the living room.

The old Rhinebeck Inn
340 Wurtemburg Road,
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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